Update on Stellar Records….

Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, Tom Viveiros, President and CEO of Stellar Records and I exchanged some emails which included some of the forms to process my CAP agreement information. One set of forms required a signature which was sent to Stellar by snail mail on Thursday.

Yesterday I received an email from Tom stating that my documents had arrived, and they were processing the remainder of the paperwork and would send out the final documents within a day or two. About two hours later I received another email from Tom that the CAP information was complete and would go out the next day (today).

In this latest email exchange, Tom apologized for the delays and expressed thanks for my patience. I also thanked him for resolving the issue.

I actually am satisfied with the outcome of this. I included the following line in my reply to Tom –

I too wish the road to here was different, but we have gotten to the destination.

I suspect I will have the final documents in hand by Friday and the matter will be be closed. I will provide a final update once I have the docs in hand.



Chris – Feel Good Productions


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