Chartbuster slow to deliver….But I am okay with it….so far…..

I am just going to stick to the facts here for now.


On December 7th, 2011 – I called Chartbuster Karaoke to inquire about the special they were running on their 12000+ Digital Library. The details of the deal can be found here (when I called it was 70% btw) —

On that call I purchased 2 (two) of the Chartbuster 12000+ Digital Libraries. This entitled me to 2 (two) of the Chartbuster 12000+ Digital Hard drives, 200 (two-hundred) randomly selected physical karaoke discs, 2 (two) of the recording studio certificates, and confirmation as a certified Chartbuster KJ. The certification includes a certificate to be sent to me and listing on the Chartbuster website at the following link —

After completing the order via phone, I received and email thanking me for the purchase and providing some additional information.

I replied to this with some questions I had forgotten to ask on the call –

1) What information did I need to provide to Chartbuster for the Certified KJ Program listing?

2) Asked again about a physical certificate (so i can display and show to venues)

I quickly received a reply that

1) I was automatically a Chartbuster certified KJ

2) a KJ liaison would contact me after I received my hard drives regarding the certificate

On December 8th, 2011 – I received a UPS tracking number by email. (I assumed this would be for the entire order)

On December 9th, 2011 – I received an invoice by email showing that the shipment that was in transit included only the two 12000+ hard drives and the two recording session certificates.

On December 12th, 2011 – I received the two hard drives as well as the recording session certificates.

Same day – I sent an email thanking Chartbuster for the prompt delivery and inquiring when the 200 physical discs would be sent and asked for a tracking number. I also asked what information I needed to provide for listing on the Certified KJ site. I included with this email all of the information I saw listed for other KJ’s on the site and attached my logo.

I also called and left a message with the original sales representative asking about the same info.

On December 14th, 2011 – I received an email from the sales rep with a packing slip for the 200 discs and indication they should arrive the following week (but no tracking number).

On December 26th, 2011 – I sent an email asking for a tracking number as I had not received the 200 disc shipment. I also noted that I had not yet heard from anyone regarding the certificates or getting my information posted to the Certified KJ page.

On December 29th, 2011 – I called and spoke to customer service to inquire about the 200 disc shipment, the certificate, the KJ listing on the page. The representative assured me (and was VERY nice by the way) that the shipment of the discs would get resolved quickly and that she had passed on my query about the certificate and the KJ listing to the appropriate people.

Same Day – I received an email with a tracking number (the weight listed suggest this is the 200 discs, but it could also include the certificates). This package is scheduled to arrive January 6, 2012.

As of this posting I have not been contacted by anyone regarding the certificates or the KJ listing.

I am also not listed on the certified KJ page.

As noted, I stuck to the facts for everything up to this point. After my experience with Stellar records, I admit to being overly sensitive that it has been 26 days since the order (and payment) was made and all of the pieces are not yet in place.

However, some leeway must be given since this has all taken place during the holidays and people obviously have a lot going on.

We shall see what happens this week…..

On a side note – I am calling Sound Choice tomorrow to ask about audits and a few other things. If there is anything relevant to write up, you will see it in a few days.







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