Chartbuster Update…..almost there….

Yesterday, I received an email from my sales rep at Chartbuster that included some information on my certification status.

There was an animated GIF (animation doesn’t show in blog post) of a certificate that is specifically for display on a web site or, if running PC based karaoke, can be displayed on screen at a show. See below –

ChrisAvis 1


There was also another attachment in PDF format of the same certificate without the animation. I was a bit concerned with that one because it didn’t seem very “official” or for that matter, professional to send a certificate that I had to print out.

For me, the certificate has two uses –

a) To show to prospective venues when making my pitch as a means of showing that Chartbuster has officially certified me;

b) To display at a show as a means of showing my status as a certified KJ.

In both cases, printing out my own certificate on standard paper looks cheap, and potentially questionable in nature. Anyone could create a bogus certificate, print it out, and then claim to be certified.

I called in to Chartbuster and spoke to my sales rep about it. He let me know that there were also hard copies of the certificates be sent via snail mail. He pointed out that while it is true – anyone could create a bogus certificate –  that certificate would not have the serial number that corresponds to the hard drive and watermark on the digital files. I respectfully pointed out that while that is true, I seriously doubted that any venue would be going so far as to ask to see the drives in question to match a bogus certificate.

The point being that I would prefer a certificate issued by Chartbuster with an official stamp or seal that helps represent that I didn’t just create and print my own certificate.

The sales rep also asked for me to send my information and logo to him again so they could get it published to the certified KJ site. he noted that their webmaster was at the Consumer Electronics Show this week so it would still be a few days (likely next week) before they pushed that out to the web.

Things aren’t 100% wrapped up, but I am happy with the level of communication that has taken place. I knew the holidays were going to impact how quickly things took place so my patience has been rewarded.

I hope to provide a final update on Chartbuster next week that I have the official certificates in hand and I am on the certified KJ site.


Up next…….Sound Choice.



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