What I am REALLY saying is….

First – My previous post – A request for the singers…. – has seen more activity than any other post I have made…. whopping 43 views. That is more than double my next highest viewed post. Thank you! 

Second – It has been been brought to my attention by one (and only one reader) that what I wrote is quite possibly not what I meant. The exact accusation was this –

“What you are REALLY asking is for singers to become your business partner and personal “karaoke cops” and punish an establishment (who usually doesn’t know or care about the music source).” – Source: Another karaoke host in a Facebook forum

That isn’t what I am asking for at all. What I am asking for is for singers to care about the integrity of the hosts they support.

I do not under any circumstances feel singers should become policemen for the karaoke industry.

I know t is absolutely unrealistic for me to think that singers are going to care about anything more than a good song selection, how fast the rotation is, how easy it is to get to/from the bar, and how good the drink specials are. I have been doing karaoke for 20+ years and to this day, those are the primary factors in what karaoke bar I go to. That is just how karaoke works.

I don’t believe for a moment that my post will result in a hoard of singers asking hosts across the world “How do you get your music”?” or “Is all of your karaoke music stolen?” (I wouldn’t recommend phrasing it that way anyway…). Chances are, with only 43 views, exactly zero singers will ask a host how they have acquired their music.

Truth be told, there are some fantastic hosts with kick ass, fun, well attended karaoke shows. The only downside is they stole their music.

Should anyone care about that?


10 Comments on “What I am REALLY saying is….”

  1. DJ Mace says:

    It’s tough to feel good about what is going on in Karaoke these days…

    I have spent a LOT of money to be legal and also to be digital at the same time! I own the entire LICENSED Sound Choice Gem collection and also the LICENSED Chartbuster 12000+ collection…No intrusive audits here, with licensed music, I’m really as legal as a Karaoke show can be. I wish the singers knew the havoc that Piracy has done to our industry, but you can’t blame them for what they don’t know. I think if they did know…it would be different, but most think of Piracy as a victimless crime. Heck, most KJ’s don’t think they have broken any laws because of ignorance!

    Education is the key to winning this war.

    • Chip Staley says:

      Excuse me?…. “Licensed Chartbuster 12000?” Would this be the same Chartbuster with the almost 3 MILLION dollars in judgments against them for copyright infringement?

      Let’s call THAT what it really is: Piracy

      They created the songs, made the discs & files and sold them to you and didn’t pay for the licensing…. they sold you a bunch of stolen intellectual property.

      The same ones with the $389,000.00 judgment for breach of contract, fraud, etc… that simply “closed up shop” an reopened with a new name and business plan?

      You absolutely cannot deny that Chartbusters was a multi-million dollar piracy scheme, so how can you defend them like their 12,000 song deal is somehow above board and makes you “legal?” You got “certified” for purchasing from a very large pirate.

      You are using pirated material in your karaoke show but somehow if you have a “certificate” that makes it all “legal?”

      (shakes head)

      • You seem to know an awful lot about Chartbuster’s issues. You never used any Chartbuster material across any of the many systems you ran for 15+ years?

      • DJ Mace says:

        Sorry Chris, but I’m small potatoes…only one system and I ran that directly from original CD+Gs…what a pain in the butt!! ! As I went digital, I mouthed-off in forums like this one, but I also learned a lot too. Things like “Copyright Infringement” and “Trademark Infringement” and their massive legal differences.

        I have been a KJ since 1999 and a DJ for …well, more years then I care to mention! I have learned the hard way about our legal system and I try to give my experience and/or knowledge to people so that they don’t have to learn the same way that I did. Don’t discount the advice you’ll find on forums like this completely, but be wary of information on how to “beat the system” it will usually get you into trouble!

        You’re better off keeping it legal.

  2. @DJ Mace – I have the Sound Choice GEM license, have been audited by SC, have two of the Chartbuster 12000+ Drives and have a Stellar/PHM CAP agreement. That alone is more that many pirates I know have invested in the music and sound combined. It is tremendously frustrating fro hosts that are 100% above board watch pirates cutting the corners.

    • DJ Mace says:

      I hear ya! It burns my butt that the pirates can download for “free” or buy loaded hard drives and virtually nothing is happening to them. I do applaud SC for going after some of the worst pirate suppliers and venues, but wherever a buck is to be made, dishonest people will always do what comes naturally for them…

      It’s all about education my friend…most people don’t want to support thieves.

      • Chip Staley says:

        It’s education alright…

        If “most people don’t want to support thieves” then why are you using Chartbuster in your show?

        The VAST MAJORITY of Chartbuster is pirated and that’s not conjecture, it’s a fact. So it appears that your stance is simply; “if you PAID FOR the pirated material, it’s magically transformed to ‘legal’ status.”

        It is what it is…

      • DJ Mace says:

        Chartbuster went through the mess, and became the license holders for the music that they finally sold in the end, which is what I bought. Digitrax bought the rest of Chartbuster and they are, from what I understand providing legal access to those music files via Cloud. If some people don’t use the original CD+Gs or licensed digital copies (or licensed Cloud service) for their “commercial, for profit” shows (and that includes working for free drinks) they are pirates. Sound Choice went through the same thing as did many of the Karaoke version Manufacturers.

        A thief will defend what they do till the end, because they don’t want to think of themselves as thieves. I spent thousands of dollars to legally lease the rights to “commercially perform” in venues. At any rate, I hold the licenses from the Karaoke Manufactures and the venues hold the musical performance rights via licensing through BMI, ASCAP and others, as well as their Entertainment licenses from the municipalities where they operate. Let’s just say that I am as “legal” as it gets…can the pirates say the same? My licensing also covers the right to display the Copyrighted LOGOs of the Karaoke Manufacturers, because displaying a copied logo from un-licensed material would be considered “counterfeit” and that is covered under an entirely different set of laws, which by the way, is another one of the ways that Sound Choice is going after the pirate offenders.

        My advice is to keep it as legal as you possibly can my friend. The Karaoke manufacturers have been wounded and occasionally killed by the revenue lost to the pirates…and an animal is most dangerous when it’s been wounded. Be careful, they’re out there, and they’re hunting.

  3. DJ Mace says:

    Sorry, I should have stated that the display of a copied Manufactures Logo is covered under “Trademark Infringement” Laws, just to be more legally precise…my bad!

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