Do you have a favorite karaoke brand?

Over the years, hundreds of karaoke music companies have come and gone. Some were only around for a short while, others have been (or were) around for 20+ years. Some have made great music while others…..not so much.

My karaoke library has over 50 brands in it. Some of those brands are just rebrands of exactly the same music so there is really a fair amount of duplication. I have to admit though that there are a bunch of those brands I have never actually used or plan on using unless they have a song that doesn’t exist on any other brand.

I have my favorite brands:

Sound Choice – This is my go to brand for rock, classic rock, alternative, and most pop music from the 80’s on.

Chartbuster/Digitrax/Karaoke Cloud – Country, some pop music.

Pop Hits Monthly/Stellar Records – Rock, classic rock, alternative, urban and some pop music

Karaoke Version – New releases across all genres

Zoom/Sunfly/SBI – New releases across all genres

The other 45+ brands in my library could honestly be dumped and my singers probably wouldn’t miss them. They are there only because I acquired a bunch of discs in a package and ripped them in just in case there was a track that didn’t exist anywhere else.

Karaoke Hosts: Do you have a go to brand or brands that you use? Maybe you like a brand for a particular genre or time period of music?

Singers: Do you have favorite brands? Do you even notice the brands? Do you care?


2 Comments on “Do you have a favorite karaoke brand?”

  1. Cliff D. says:

    As a karaoke host, your preferences are remarkably (and not surprisingly) in line with mine… Typically I base my selection around Sound Choice (mainly GEM series and selected others) and have augmented it with Pop Hits Monthly, and Chartbuster, and more recently with Karaoke Cloud and All Star Karaoke for more recent hits and older fill-ins. I haven’t had the opportunity or need to delve into Zoom/Sunfly/SBI but have seen them in use elsewhere and they seem to be a decent quality.

    I have even used Karaoke Version for the occasional odd track that is not available elsewhere, and often the tracks are good, but occasionally the music is not mixed well… very minimal bass etc…

    Out of all of them, Sound Choice is the preferred brand for quality and accurate reproduction.

    Least favorite brand I have run into that is used widely are the Sweet Georgia Brown variety… You can always count of a verse to be missing it seems with that brand.

  2. Kevin says:

    My go to Brand is Sound Choice for everything with the exception of Broadway/Musicals/Showtunes SC sucks for Broadway…

    Though with SC not producing anymore I have gone with Karaoke Cloud/Digitrax and KV especially for Broadway though it used to be Pocketsongs but I can never find them is stores and their website says that they are constantly sold out on 99% of all Broadway CDG. Sometimes I use Stage Stars but with them they have NO Backing vocal tracks and sometimes have not been granted the lyric rights.

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