The New Rig (Update 1)


Odyssey FRGS1016WDLX (case) – (installed)

2 x Electro-Voice ELX112P (tops) – (arrives this week)

1 x Electro-Voice ELX118P (sub) – (ready to connect)

Allen & Heath ZED-12FX (mixer) – (arrives this week)

FMR Audio RNC1773 (compressor) – (installed)

VocoPro UHF-5805 (supporting wireless mics) – (installed)

Shure Super 55 (main stage mic) – (ready to connect)

dbx DriveRack PA+ (EQ/Feedback/PA Management) – (arrives early next week)


It’s nothing much to look at right now but it will of course get filled in over the next week!



I am also ordering up some new lights for this rig. Guitar Center sells combo packs of lights with lighting tree stands.  I have had good luck with them in my other rigs so I will be dropping by to pick one up this weekend. But I love the lasers!

AmericanDJ Micros Hypnotic (ready to connect)

Chauvet Scorpion GBC 2.0 (arrives early next week)

Chauvet Scorpion RGY (arrives early next week)


All this for a karaoke show? Hell yeah!



One Comment on “The New Rig (Update 1)”

  1. Cliff D. says:

    Looks nice. Thinking about purchasing the same case for my setup… consolidation seems like a good idea.

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