Are you a Vetted KJ?

It has been a long while now since I have posted to my blog. I keep telling myself to be more active and then something else gets in the way.

Today I ran across something that I feel deserves a little more attention.

If you were previously Chartbuster Certified and/or purchase downloads from – this is the outfit that enforces copyright/trademark for Chartbuster and Digitrax material.

They are filing suits against KJ’s and venues. I have not seen any action in the Northwest yet, but they appear to be actively “vetting” venues and KJ’s in some areas. They have a “Vetted KJ’s” list and I have asked them to contact me so I can find out how to go about getting “vetted”. Unfortunately, they are hosting the list on Google Docs forcing you to sign up for a Google account to view the list.

I find it a little disturbing that I have not been contacted by Piracy Recovery, LLC given how vocal I am in my local community as well as a global karaoke forum where Piracy Recovery is almost certainly monitoring posts. In fact, many other hosts I know that were formerly certified by Chartbuster through an audit or who purchased Chartbuster 6000+/12000+ are not on their list. Again, some of us a pretty vocal and I am confident they know exactly who we are.

The karaoke industry needs some positive action to take place outside of the venues where hard working hosts promote having a great time. It would seem to me that Piracy Recovery would jump through hoops to get a hold of people that are anti-piracy *and* have demonstrated their willingness to  be pro-active about audits, certifications and other means of showing they are operating above board. The likes of Sound Choice and Piracy Recovery need people on their side to help temper the negative reactions that have and will encounter.

Don’t ignore the people that are on your side.

Piracy Recovery Vetted KJ List

Piracy Recovery, LLC main web site



3 Comments on “Are you a Vetted KJ?”

  1. I agree, but I am thinking that this is just another revenue generator for someone. If you run a legitimate show, then what would you have to worry about? I know my system is legit, so I feel no pressure from organizations like this. What’s in place to prevent dozens of these organizations from popping up each demand their “fee” to vette you? Does that clever logo guarantee anything other than you have been fleeced for yet another fee?

    • The Vetted list is similar to the “certified hosts” page that Sound Choice maintains now and that Chartbuster maintained before they shut down. Piracy Recovery is also responsible for protecting the rights of the Chartbuster and Digitrax intellectual property. It isn’t as if they popped up out of nowhere to vet people. They need to know who it legitimate and who is not and I believe it is only fair they publish those findings for people to see. If PR, LLC does things the right way, this can be a positive thing for the industry.


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