a fair rotation–reboot

Almost 2 1/2 years ago, I wrote my first blog post here.  When I wrote, I had a goal – get the word out about an issue I was having with getting all of my certification information in order from one of the karaoke manufacturers.

I didn’t give any thought to anything beyond that. I wanted a platform to complain, maybe find a few others that had a similar issue, and then……

Over time, I have posted about other karaoke related topics, certifications, legalities, karaoke services, etc.  No real consistent theme behind it. Speaking of consistent….I haven’t been very….consistent in posting.

Prior to this post – August 30th, 2013 – was my last post.

Not a very good showing for someone that is as invested in karaoke as I am.

Today I am rebooting the blog.

It will have a clear focus – all things karaoke – a very broad topic considering the current state of karaoke.  I will probably spend a fair amount of time on piracy and what I know about the legalities of running a legitimate karaoke show, but I don’t want to get too bogged down in all of that. Karaoke shouldn’t be about any of that at all. It should be about having fun with friends while butchering songs and drinking. But the harsh reality is that karaoke is about legalities, licensing and piracy. So I will have to go there and I expect those post to generate some of the more….colorful…..responses.

I have a show to run tonight so tomorrow I will be mapping out the 1st half-dozen or so posts I want to do.

I hope to have the first one ready to go by Sunday.



One Comment on “a fair rotation–reboot”

  1. Debra says:

    Looking forward to reading them. Hope you touch on some of the hilarious stuff you must see, and interesting also.

    It’s always fascinating when you see someone sing a different song over the one chosen because the sound track/cording is exactly the same. That’s pretty cool.

    I would think one of the most rewarding things you see is watching a timid singer get more confidence and become an amazing singer where the new confidence trickles into their life and is visible to all who see it. Singing actually changed their life. And you made it happen (and peer pressure and booze).

    Hope to spin out your next article in short order. Fast rotation 🙂

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