About this blog…




My name is Chris E. Avis and I run Feel Good Productions.

We host several karaoke shows in the greater Seattle metro area – You can find all of our show information at http://FeelGoodPros.com

Our shows are 100% Legal (We own the discs for every song we make available for use at the show).

This blog is about karaoke…..the venues, the singers, the music, the industry……


3 Comments on “About this blog…”

  1. Joe Pannon says:

    You host a Karaoke show every Saturday night from 9p-1a at the Rollin’ Log Tavern in Issaquah, Chris? That’s a stretch. You’ve found a slave working for you already. Where do you hang out on Saturday nights?


  2. Updated the “About” to better reflect the current scenario. DJ X currently hosts the shows at the Rollin Log.

  3. Updated with current show information

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